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    Dive deep into 15 units dedicated to the intersection of beauty trends, techniques, customer services, and business acument – all while sharpening your English. Not only you will master industry-specific English, but you’ll also gain insights that give you an edge in the international beauty scene.

    Our certified instructors use a wide range of interactive teaching resources in a cutting-edge online classrom environment.

    There are 4 course levels from Elementary to Advanced.

    Each course level is 100 hours over 5 weeks.

    Classes are 20 hours per week, 10 hours instructional time and 10 hours assignments. Classes are held virtually, and instructors are available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    A British Columbia College Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of 1 Level of Workplace English for Esthetics Professionals at CMACollege. (100 hrs)

    A British Columbia College Diploma is awarded upon successful completion of 2 or more Levels of Workplace English for Esthetics Professionals at CMACollege. (200 hrs +)

    Course Levels

    • Elementary
    • Pre-Intermediate
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced


    Canadian Students

    • Application Fee: $199.00 (Per student one time fee)

    Costs per Level:

    • Tuition: $899.00
    • Textbooks and Kit: $721.00

    International Students

    • Application Fee: $299.00 (Per student one time fee)

    Costs per Level:

    • Tuition: $1299.00
    • Textbooks and Kit: $721.00

    To learn about financial aid options or currently open scholarships, please contact our registrar’s office at

    Your funding options are: 
    – Student Assistance (Government Student Loans)
    – Scholarship 
    – Bank Student Loan

    Program Learning Outcomes

    The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

    1. Communicate competently at a level required for employment or post secondary education, showing flexibility and clarity of thought and expression.
    2. Communicate competently and flexibly, to interact culturally appropriately, in a variety of workplace, post-secondary and/or societal environments.
    3. Conduct research and write essays/papers/reports according to academic conventions at a level required by colleges, universities, and/or the workplace.
    4. Develop thorough general knowledge gained in a wide range of subjects, and insight into both self and society.
    5. Develop flexibility and clarity of both thought and expression to develop communications competence to a level required by business and industry.
    6. Understand and utilize critical-thinking processes and problem-solving techniques.
    7. Examine and evaluate various aspects of our changing society to assist in developing a sense of personal and social responsibility as a citizen in society.
    8. Employ basic vocational skills drawn from the areas of the humanities, social and behavioural sciences, or vocational studies (business, technology).

    Whether you aspire to work on a movie set, backstage of a fashion runway or be your own boss in a spa or salon, our students will acquire the knowledge and experience to work in the billion-dollar beauty industry around the world.


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